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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Huddle Up

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Ever thought about starting your own business and being your own boss? Or perhaps you have always dreamed of running a fortune 500 company and being in charge of hundreds of employees. Regardless of what it is that you would like to get done, you will need a strong supporting cast – a huddle. When I use the term “huddle up” I don’t mean go out to your nearest playground and intrude on the gathering of others. I am talking about finding others around you that have experience in achieving success, relying heavily on their advice, skills, and expertise to help you advance in your goals.

Put simply, a huddle is nothing more than the meeting of intelligent minds in order to achieve one common goal. In this week’s blog, I will offer three important reasons why you should huddle up. Because life is a team sport, gaining success independently is impossible. Accountability, like-mindedness, and constant encouragement from your supporting cast are three very vital elements that you should seek out in every successful huddle.

One of the most motivating factors in successfully completing goals is accountability. Your overall success falls squarely on the shoulders of you taking control of your own destiny. It is important to see your own objectives and goals through to the end. Important factors such as completing deadlines and performing your due diligence on projects should be your responsibility alone. But a supporter of your dreams will help keep you focused and in aligned to the course that you have set. Finding others that care about you enough to hold you accountable to your ambitions are those you should have and keep in your huddle. It is also a way to receive feedback on how well you are living up to your own goals. A strong huddle makes you believe that you are a part of something much larger than yourself. Having those individuals that hold you accountable to that belief is the key ingredient to how well you will accomplish your goals.

Being part of a team in which the dynamics are of like- minded individuals; much can be greatly accomplished. There is true strength in numbers and those numbers should complement one another. One great thing about working with those that share the same mentality is the ability to draw from one another strengths. If you have ever tried to attempt to carry out a certain goal on your own, then you know hard it can be. A strong huddle of individuals that think just as you do with the same common goal can be a competitive advantage like none other.

In achieving your dreams times will certainly get rough. Uncertainty, fear, doubt, and anxiousness are all negative characteristics that could make any individual second guess his or her ability. These are times in which huddling up is indeed necessary. These networks of individuals will aide you in carrying the load of your battles with encouraging words. Having kind words of wisdom shared by others that have already experienced what you are now facing, will offer a haven of hope which can place things in perspective.

Once you find those good members that you trust to be in your huddle, spend time with them on a consistent basis. A good huddle doesn’t require great numbers to operate as a system of support. If you can find one or even two people that are willing to help you strategize a plan to your ultimate success, then you are putting yourself in a winning advantage. Someone that will give you an honest, but constructive opinion about your operation and procedures is someone that you most definitely need on your team. A great huddle will help you find, keep, and maintain your game plan to success. Next time you find yourself hung up on a situation that slows or stops your momentum, just simply huddle up. I’m pretty confident that someone around you that you trust may have been in a similar position. Their advice could shed much light on the issue at hand.

Written by Coach Aaron DeBerry