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No Pain No Gain: Your Pain is Worth your Progress

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I tend to draw inspiration from wherever I can find it.   A TV commercial, an interview on the radio, or even side conversation in a restaurant can serve as an inspiration.  I am also often inspired through music.  This week’s blog was influenced by an old school, oldie but goodie “No Pain No Gain” by Betty Wright.  As the song concludes she sings a line that I find very profound; she says “In order to gain something, you got to give something. In order to be something, you got to go through something”.  Although Ms. Betty Wright was speaking of pain in terms of a relationship, it still served as a moment of reflection for me.

Every successful person goes through incredible tough times and pain on their journey to become successful.  It’s an inevitable part of life. But there is true value in the experiences that cause us the greatest amount of pain and frustration. I’ve encountered my fair share of dark days in my quest to accomplish goals and dreams.  Not everything works out in your favor.  That doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve your goals, but sometimes the process requires you to suffer some uncomfortable circumstances to get to where you desire to be in life.  Today’s blog will explore the topic “Your Pain is worth your Progress.”  Hopefully by the end you will be able to find ways to value the struggles you face on the journey to accomplish your ultimate dreams.

As a former football player I used to hate losing with a passion.  Losing hurts.  There is an invisible black cloud that seems to hang over you with every loss.  The emotional anguish that one experiences in suffering a loss can be tough to handle, and it can take a major toll on your confidence.  But losing plays a major role in your eventual success.  You have to experience loss in order to learn how to win. Losing, as tough as it may seem helps you grow as an individual.  It teaches you the ultimate lesson in humility and it makes you appreciate and cherish the wins as they come.

There are very good lessons to learn while experiencing the pain of tough times.  As a player myself I had to learn how to compete on a high level, how to train to outlast my competition, and learn who I was as a player.  I had to learn how to practice with intensity and enthusiasm, how to follow directions, and how to become a leader.   There was so much that only experience could teach me and being taught those lessons were some of the toughest of times.  Through my growing pains I developed a drive, a focus, and relentlessness that would fuel me to not only to be better than my competition, but to dominate them.  Losing has its ways of changing you; you can either except it, or learn from it and do something about it.  I chose the latter.

Pain, without a doubt, must be part of your process for future success. Not only should you expect some sort of difficulty on your journey to achieve the impossible, but you should welcome it as well, for without pain there is no process, without the process there isn’t growth, and without growth there is no success.  But you must be willing to practice resilience and mental tenacity to withstand the battles of defeat. In order to find true value in your pain you must understand that pain is temporary, but only if faith and strength are permanent.  Only persistence and perseverance to get through each day will be rewarded.  Don’t be a slave to your tough times.  Get up and fight back.  Make a conscious effort to learn something from the challenging times.  There are promising days ahead. I am a product of my very words.  I am nowhere I would like to be in life yet, but I understand that there are tougher and more hurtful experiences just ahead.  But my attitude and my mindset won’t waver one bit.  All I have to do is forge ahead and let the process lead me to my desired destination.  Don’t give up or give in.  Your pain during your journey to the top isn’t meant to discourage you, but meant to only prepare you for the greatest days of your life.


Written by Coach Aaron DeBerry


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My name is Aaron DeBerry and I am originally from Virginia Beach, VA. I graduated from Liberty University with a B. A. in communication studies. While attending Liberty, I established my love for creativity, mainly through media arts, majoring in television productions. Through all my years in various professions , I eventually found my way back to my passion of being creative through education. In 2016 I founded Rhodes Academy for the Creative Arts of Tampa (RACAT), a non- profit organization dedicated to educating the youth in the areas of creative arts. From the tough obstacles and challenges of running your own organization to the victories that set the foundation to a strong and long lasting staple of the community, I will share my personal journey as executive director of Rhodes Academy for the Creative Arts of Tampa.

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